Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missionary Update!

 Elder Jared Tyler Peterson left 2 months ago yesterday! He has been in the MTC for nine weeks and he finally left on Monday the September 24th, to start his mission in Leon Mexico! he has been so excited to get out of the MTC for a while now! so he finally got that wish! The MTC was at 3,000 missionaries when he left! it was packed! you can only imagine wanting to get outta there! the AC didnt work either! He said it was pretty crazy!                                                

I honestly couldnt be more proud of where my Boyfriend, Best Friend, personal Angel (guide) is right now, it has been one long hard road, getting him on this mission! He didnt chose to go because of me, he chose to go for himself, I have threatened him many times tho I wont lie! When he would ask Jokingly "So when can i put a ring on your finger?" I would reply (in a serious tone) "I'm sorry but I'm marrying a return missionary! so Im proud of him. He has turned from being such an immature boy... to a very amazing man. It has been so fun watching it all take place, from him surprising me telling me he was filling out his mission papers to turning them in, to...

going through the temple, and finally to leaving. Jared and I have had a rough road!! to say the least! we have gone through a lot. Before we were ever anything more then friends. All of it has made us so much stronger, and personally I feel like he decided to go on a mission to help those who have or who are struggling with Life in general! I am so excited to hear all the stories that I will hear about Mexico! I am just so proud!

I  am so happy I am the one that gets to also hear about his amazing experiences in Mexico! :D

Monday, February 20, 2012


So I have decided to update my Blog.. its been FOREVER!! This last year has been a roller coaster, meaning it has had its up's and down's. It seems like as I start going up.. all the sudden I'm back down! For those of you who don't know I am a Jr in high school...but trying to graduate this a year early. Some might say I'm an over achiever but its just been a goal of mine since about july of last year! lol kinda was a little late to decide, I am now thinking, because I'm so crazy busy its kinda getting to be discouraging, and hard. Stress pushes me most the time... but sometimes it shuts me down, to the point I don't want to do anything. which don't get me anywhere! I have tried setting a schedule for myself, so i can organize all my classes and when I gotta do a certain thing for a class. Its been helpful. As of right now I have 14 classes. Its hard. 7 online and 7 in school. I have been trying so hard to do this, but i know it will all be worth it in the end. At the beginning of this school year I went through one of thee most hardest trials I think I have EVER gone through alone. It shut me down completely. I honestly at night would find myself thinking of killing myself... or running away, just to get away. I have never thought of hurting myself before this point. EVER. Here's a short story of what happened. I was taking an english class with one of my most favorite teachers from 9th grade. He's class is super easy, thought it would be nice to have a easy class with ALL the other classes I am taking. So keep in mind this is August, well the class I was in I though was a super good class. At first there was no seating chart, so I of corse sat by my friends, we stayed caught up in the class, we stayed on task, we had a A in the class. Well my teacher Mr. Jepson decided that why not do a seating chart? This was about September 10th somewhere around there. I got put on the right side of the classroom where there where 12 desks on this side of the room, I you can picture it in your head, just picture 12 desks with me smack dab in the middle. After Mr. Jepson got us arranged, we started class. I was trying to pay attention like normal, wasn't texting, just trying to get a A to graduate. When he gave us time to work in groups with the new "friends" (he called them..) we were sitting by, I honestly have never liked the people I was sitting next to. EVER. They all were kids that really didn't care who they offended and didn't care who they bugged. I thought to myself that I was just going to ignore them and not give them a chance to try and bring me into there little "group". When group work had finally started, these 11 kids (not including me, i'm number 12) were not talking about "group work" stuff, They were talking about thee most vullger and the most sickest things you can imagine. these kids are only 16 and were talking about thing me or my parents didn't even know about. I hope your keeping in mind this is now september, this went on till November 13th or something, and it just got worse. touching, rubbing, talking, vivid images play through my head every time i see these kids now. 3 months later, my mom pulled up my grades one day when I was hanging out with a few of my friends, if you talked to them, they would say i was super quiet and didn't let my boyfriend touch me, didn't want him to be near me just because of hearing, seeing, the stuff i did for 3 months from 11 students. Well when they went home my mom came to me and asked me what was with my grades, I said "what do you mean?" she said "Carlie you have all F's and one D+. what the heck? I have never seen your grades so low. you are always on top of things. what is going on?" I said "nothing." my mom made me sit down at the table and she said "There is something going on, your in your room all the time, your grades are down, you won't even talk to me like you used to, and you won't even try and have fun when your friends are over." THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!!" So I told her EVERYTHING. from day one to 3 months later. She was Pissed. She emailed the teacher, nothing changed, so she did it again with a little more a....we will say anger!! The number on thing we wanted to get across was that MY NAME was NOT to get out to any of the 11 Students. Well it...didn't work... for about a week, till in the computer lab Mr. Jepson must have gotten my moms email, and he got pissed. called all the 11 kids out to be talked to. they came in pissed, and I left because I was Afraid. well they all assumed it was me, so for the next 2 weeks in class I got Harassed, and sexually Harassed in halls and in class. Was the Worst 2 weeks of my life. My mom and me went to the administrative but they didn't believe me, till 2 days later I went in crying because my mom emailed my teacher and said that she wanted a new seating chart for the the entire class, well he moved me in front of the entire class. Only me. so I got even more harassed. It was terrible. It was Hell to say the least. After that the administrative finally believed me. Me and my mom spent about a week with them trying to get things fixed up. I had to transfer out and have been doing amazing in the class I'm in now with the teacher I have now. I love her. But I have gotten harassed a few more times since then but we didn't mess with administrative we went to security! That was the first 4 months of school for me though. it was a terrible trial. Obliviously if i would think about hurting myself. I grew from it in many ways though. And am working so much more harder to graduate then if i would have if i could have stayed on track with school and different things. I am president of FCCLA which is a national organization, Spanish Fork High School took Region because of me:) and we are going to State on March 21 and 22!! I'm Excited! its been a lot of work! but i guess worth it. these pictures below are some of my sinor pictures, in strawberry! 

Here is me and my BEST FRIEND/ Boyfriend. we have been through a lot together. Honestly i think that really is what has made us who we are today, and how close we are as friends and a little more. I am honestly so grateful i have a friend like him. Jared is amazing, he treats me like a queen if not more, sometimes i don't deserve it because I'm ornery or something, i dunno. but he is amazing. so i made him come with me to get my pictures because he has been my best friend through everything.
SUMMER!!!  was AMAZING to say the least! I had the most amazing people to hangout with all summer long! Family, Friends. I love them all. Jared's and I's most favorite thing to do though was to Go 4 wheeling, Digging;) (only in a Chevy tho:)) and hanging out at the res! we loved it! mostly just being as friends and together! it was nice. I really didn't think he liked me at all till like july... lol but i guess he did! i finally got the memo! these pictures are from some of our camping four wheeling trip! Jared didn't think i could get dirty every time we would do something like this... so on the way back i decided that i was going to go through a mud puddle as fast as i could! so i did! And I proved him wrong! ha Sometimes guys are so dumb! Of corse i can get dirty!! a little mud on the tires or face is not going to hurt!  


 This is when we just decide as in My mom and Me!!! just decided to load up and go! lol and we did! it was so much fun! One of my favorite things to do. Jareds too. And yes Definitely my mom!!

snow days! lol my fault! I told him i didn't think he could really take me out in the snow.. i really didn't think he would dare! but he did. We both got even! lol no one won! I wasn't afraid to get a little cold! neither was he i guess!

 Yes!!! I did Powder Puff football! It was a lot of fun!!! my team didn't make it! but hey its all good! i look so sexy!! haha just kiddin! i wish it would have been soccer i would have kicked some butt!


Oh P.S I got a gun!! y'all better watch out now!!!;)

And the truck picture yeah its random...but isn't it totally worth waiting till the end to see... its such a good looking truck!!! Right? yeah it saved my life! more then once! so why not add a beauty for the last picture? yeah thats what i thought!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What TRUE friends are-

I have never really had a true friend in my life, and when I say true friend I mean a friend that you can trust with anything you tell them, A friend that you can talk and laugh and cry in front of, And a friend that is worried about how your doing and how things are going in your life, or woundering whats new.. and texts you till 1 in the morning about the most silliest to the most serious things in life, Or one that is ALWAYS there for you NO MATTER what.
I also I have never thought I would gain a friend like that... at least have the chance to get to know a person like that... for a few months.
I have had close friends... but not close friends... if that makes any sense! I had a really close friend in 4th and 5th grade where we did everything together. We played everyday.. we wanted to be the same thing "when we grew up" we were like sisters. Well at the end of my 5th grade year I found out that I was changing schools.. I was devastated.. I knew I would lose her. And there was NO WAY I would EVER fit-in in this new school... just NO WAY. I was very upset at my parents for even thinking about doing this...I wanted to be like everyone else and have the new cool lockers and the cool new 7 different classes a day thing! I was so excited for that... and then I get the news I would be going to a new school... Let alone a Private School (EW..) is what I thought.
I couldn't change my parents minds... I was going to a Private School that was how it would be. So after that summer after my 5th grade year... I never saw "my BEST friend" Again. I HATED the Private school at first... I HATED the uniforms.. I HATED the teachers.. and most of all I HATED not seeing "my BEST friend" not knowing how she was, not knowing how her new "cool" school was. It was SO HARD.
After 2 weeks of going to the "new school" I started liking it. I became friends with a girl I HATED, and she HATED me! loved the school for 2 years after and then HATED my last year again. I would have to say the last year was defiantly worse then my first year going there.
When the 3 years were up and it was time to move on to Spanish Fork Jr high.. For my 9th grade year, So another transition... I was scared to dealth... "what would ppl think of me?" " would my BEST friend even want anything to do with me?" "would anyone like me?" and the last question that kept running through my mind the most... was "Will I fit-in?" And my answer was "no."
I had about 20 new friends 2 weeks into my 9th grade year.
But I still didn't feel like I fit-in.. They were are "Too cool" for me.. is what I thought... and maybe they were all just "fake." who knew?
My 9th grade year is when I found out it didn't matter what ppl thought about you... it matters what you think about yourself.
This year has been full of up's and down's... and SO MUCH drama, I guess this year more then last year. I still had not found the friend that could mean so much to me... Until 9 months ago.
About 2 weeks ago I lost my BEST FRIEND...the friend that I could tell anything too, The friend that I trusted, the friend that was there for me ANYTIME I needed them, the friend I felt comfortable around, and most of all the friend that knew more then a lot of ppl know about me.
I never took into consideration that all this was true about this friend I lost....Until I lost him. It was probably the hardest week and a half in my life, so far... just knowing that I couldn't go home and text him and tell him what happened that day.. to know I couldn't be silly with him anymore... because he was gone... and thats kinda funny.. to most of you... but going from talking all the time and knowing each other SO WELL.... to.. not knowing each other AT ALL.. is kinda hard.
I never knew a person could mean SO MUCH to me. Its kinda crazy how it all works.
This friend has been there for me throughout some of the hardest times in my life.. and has meant so much to me. He probably doesn't even understand that.. or know that, but its true he has. He has been the purfect friend..and its hard losing that friendship. Very hard. and VERY different.
I am VERY grateful for the chance I got to spend that 9 months being his friend and him being mine. I can't even tell anyone how much he meant to me... and how much he has helped me and been a influential person in my life.
I love all of my friends but when you have a BEST one its hard not to like them a little bit more then your friends.
I wish that things could have kept being awesome and normal.. like it was for that 9 months... I loved every mintue of it. I am just glad I got the chance to know him. Thank You.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming Pictures!!

This is Jared and me going to Homecoming!! I had a BLAST!!
We didn't do a day date because we didn't have time for one which was okay with me!! It didn't really Matter what we did!
Jared came and picked me up and 5:30 and I was Kinda late I felt bad to make him wait.. but we got pictures and then we headed over to our friends house to pick them up... After that we were on our way to dinner! we were going to the Olive Garden! Jared has never been there! so we get there and Its PACKED and we didn't really want to wait.. so we went to Cafe Rio... None of them had ever been there either! we walked in and it was packed to but we waited, and it really didn't take to long to get though the line! we went back to my friend Cassie's house to eat! and after that we sat and talked till it was time for the dance!! we also were waiting for the other dates that were in our group to get there!
before we left the house we had to get MORE pictures... so MUCH fun..!! Just kidding it really was FUN!!
After pictures we went to get penny candy!! and then headed to the dance!!
We got at the high school and went and got our pictures! and then headed over to the dance!

I had so MUCH fun!! It really was a Blast.. I don't really know what my date Jared thought!! but I had fun!!! yep pretty much the best night ever!!

Jesse came and did my Hair!!! I hope it look cute.. I thought so..
and Brandie came and did my make up Jesse also helped!

Can't ever forget accessories!!

MORE!! never can have to much!!

Jared and me with our Flowers for each other!!
(He looks good in his New Suit!)

Me pinning his on! I was so SCARED!!

Jared putting mine on me!!

Jared and Me.. before we left!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Sunday night I was almost asleep when my dad comes down stairs and tells me that the door is for me!! I didnt believe him so I said who is it? Hes like well I think your getting asked to a dance!!! so I ran upstairs and opened the front door and there was an arrow on the stairs!! so I followed it and it lead to my drive way with a sign saying "Homecoming ?" then on the bottom it said "Carlie will you come with" then there was a big arrow that pointed down to another sign that said " follow the arrows"... so I started to follow them!!! one was in the middle of the street and then another across the street and I just kept following them all the way around the neighborhood and I kinda got LOST but got back on track!!! I kept following them... The kids friends that asked me were in a black car following me and making sure I was going the right way!! haha it was so MUCH FUN!!! So I was so excited to see who it was that when I went outside I wasnt thinking that I would have to walk all the way around the neighborhood so I didnt think to put shoes on!!! I guess thats how excited you get!!! haha well by the time I got back home my feet hurt!!! haha well anyways so I am following these arrows and I prolly followed them for like 3 blocks and then I finally reached my Last paper taped to the ground!! And on it said JARED! thats the kid it was taped right in front of his house!!! haha it was so much fun!!! I didnt think I would get asked cuz its THIS Saturday!!! haha so that means I will be going shopping like every night until I can find my Dress!!! haha and shoes and accessories!!! SO EXCITING!!! haha I really didnt want to go to a dance but I guess I am starting to get excited about it!!! haha!!! YAY I promise this next time I will try to post pictures!!!! haha yep that was my weekend!!! pretty good one!!! haha

arrows leading to the question!!!

The Question!!!

Saying in my drive way!! how cute!!!

cupcake arrow in the drive way!!!


An arrow!!!! getting closer!!!

standing in front!!!!

ME walking to find the other one!!

one of the arrows!!!

The name of the kid!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010


So these are pictures that we took up at my dads job there are so many cool things to take
pictures by and stuff!!! the picture above is one of my favorite!! I LOVE the view in the back!!!
Everytime we go up there it seems to rain on us!!! but it was a perfect day to go take pictures!!
This picture was taken on a cool deck that they can sit out on rain, sun or even snow and be as warm as can be!! they have heaters on it!!!

This picture I didn't know I got taken of me I was to busy watching my dad work!!! I look serious!! haha My dad had stoped working cuz it was raining so hard he was working in the mini x and so he was kinda huddled inside trying to keep dry!!! haha but he should have gotten out cuz in was lightning so bad and we are on top of a mountain!!! and he could have gotten struck.. good thing he didnt!!!

Okay this Picture I think is FUNNY!!! cuz of the way I am sitting! I just look funny!! haha it was so funny getting up there it was still raining and so the workers that were working right there came up on the deck!! and they were watching me get up there yep!!! pretty embarrassing!!!! But its cute!!!

I love this one! I was just joking around and mom snaped this one!!! The doors look like olden day times they are AWESOME!!! i love them so i decided to act like i was hanging on them!!!

Thats the full picture of the door!!! They are probably one of my most favorite thing about this cabin!!! I love them!!!!

My favorite picture would have to be the one is at the very top of this page by the rock wall!! I love it!!! I dont know why but everything about that picture is me!!! I just love it!!!