Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missionary Update!

 Elder Jared Tyler Peterson left 2 months ago yesterday! He has been in the MTC for nine weeks and he finally left on Monday the September 24th, to start his mission in Leon Mexico! he has been so excited to get out of the MTC for a while now! so he finally got that wish! The MTC was at 3,000 missionaries when he left! it was packed! you can only imagine wanting to get outta there! the AC didnt work either! He said it was pretty crazy!                                                

I honestly couldnt be more proud of where my Boyfriend, Best Friend, personal Angel (guide) is right now, it has been one long hard road, getting him on this mission! He didnt chose to go because of me, he chose to go for himself, I have threatened him many times tho I wont lie! When he would ask Jokingly "So when can i put a ring on your finger?" I would reply (in a serious tone) "I'm sorry but I'm marrying a return missionary! so Im proud of him. He has turned from being such an immature boy... to a very amazing man. It has been so fun watching it all take place, from him surprising me telling me he was filling out his mission papers to turning them in, to...

going through the temple, and finally to leaving. Jared and I have had a rough road!! to say the least! we have gone through a lot. Before we were ever anything more then friends. All of it has made us so much stronger, and personally I feel like he decided to go on a mission to help those who have or who are struggling with Life in general! I am so excited to hear all the stories that I will hear about Mexico! I am just so proud!

I  am so happy I am the one that gets to also hear about his amazing experiences in Mexico! :D

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