Friday, July 30, 2010


So these are pictures that we took up at my dads job there are so many cool things to take
pictures by and stuff!!! the picture above is one of my favorite!! I LOVE the view in the back!!!
Everytime we go up there it seems to rain on us!!! but it was a perfect day to go take pictures!!
This picture was taken on a cool deck that they can sit out on rain, sun or even snow and be as warm as can be!! they have heaters on it!!!

This picture I didn't know I got taken of me I was to busy watching my dad work!!! I look serious!! haha My dad had stoped working cuz it was raining so hard he was working in the mini x and so he was kinda huddled inside trying to keep dry!!! haha but he should have gotten out cuz in was lightning so bad and we are on top of a mountain!!! and he could have gotten struck.. good thing he didnt!!!

Okay this Picture I think is FUNNY!!! cuz of the way I am sitting! I just look funny!! haha it was so funny getting up there it was still raining and so the workers that were working right there came up on the deck!! and they were watching me get up there yep!!! pretty embarrassing!!!! But its cute!!!

I love this one! I was just joking around and mom snaped this one!!! The doors look like olden day times they are AWESOME!!! i love them so i decided to act like i was hanging on them!!!

Thats the full picture of the door!!! They are probably one of my most favorite thing about this cabin!!! I love them!!!!

My favorite picture would have to be the one is at the very top of this page by the rock wall!! I love it!!! I dont know why but everything about that picture is me!!! I just love it!!!

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KiaLee Kay said...

Carlie you are beautiful! I am amazed how grown you are. I hope you are enjoying the 16 year old life style it comes and goes so quickly.