Monday, September 13, 2010


Sunday night I was almost asleep when my dad comes down stairs and tells me that the door is for me!! I didnt believe him so I said who is it? Hes like well I think your getting asked to a dance!!! so I ran upstairs and opened the front door and there was an arrow on the stairs!! so I followed it and it lead to my drive way with a sign saying "Homecoming ?" then on the bottom it said "Carlie will you come with" then there was a big arrow that pointed down to another sign that said " follow the arrows"... so I started to follow them!!! one was in the middle of the street and then another across the street and I just kept following them all the way around the neighborhood and I kinda got LOST but got back on track!!! I kept following them... The kids friends that asked me were in a black car following me and making sure I was going the right way!! haha it was so MUCH FUN!!! So I was so excited to see who it was that when I went outside I wasnt thinking that I would have to walk all the way around the neighborhood so I didnt think to put shoes on!!! I guess thats how excited you get!!! haha well by the time I got back home my feet hurt!!! haha well anyways so I am following these arrows and I prolly followed them for like 3 blocks and then I finally reached my Last paper taped to the ground!! And on it said JARED! thats the kid it was taped right in front of his house!!! haha it was so much fun!!! I didnt think I would get asked cuz its THIS Saturday!!! haha so that means I will be going shopping like every night until I can find my Dress!!! haha and shoes and accessories!!! SO EXCITING!!! haha I really didnt want to go to a dance but I guess I am starting to get excited about it!!! haha!!! YAY I promise this next time I will try to post pictures!!!! haha yep that was my weekend!!! pretty good one!!! haha

arrows leading to the question!!!

The Question!!!

Saying in my drive way!! how cute!!!

cupcake arrow in the drive way!!!


An arrow!!!! getting closer!!!

standing in front!!!!

ME walking to find the other one!!

one of the arrows!!!

The name of the kid!!!

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Benson Family said...

Hooray!! That is so exciting! I hope you have a great time at the dance!!!