Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming Pictures!!

This is Jared and me going to Homecoming!! I had a BLAST!!
We didn't do a day date because we didn't have time for one which was okay with me!! It didn't really Matter what we did!
Jared came and picked me up and 5:30 and I was Kinda late I felt bad to make him wait.. but we got pictures and then we headed over to our friends house to pick them up... After that we were on our way to dinner! we were going to the Olive Garden! Jared has never been there! so we get there and Its PACKED and we didn't really want to wait.. so we went to Cafe Rio... None of them had ever been there either! we walked in and it was packed to but we waited, and it really didn't take to long to get though the line! we went back to my friend Cassie's house to eat! and after that we sat and talked till it was time for the dance!! we also were waiting for the other dates that were in our group to get there!
before we left the house we had to get MORE pictures... so MUCH fun..!! Just kidding it really was FUN!!
After pictures we went to get penny candy!! and then headed to the dance!!
We got at the high school and went and got our pictures! and then headed over to the dance!

I had so MUCH fun!! It really was a Blast.. I don't really know what my date Jared thought!! but I had fun!!! yep pretty much the best night ever!!

Jesse came and did my Hair!!! I hope it look cute.. I thought so..
and Brandie came and did my make up Jesse also helped!

Can't ever forget accessories!!

MORE!! never can have to much!!

Jared and me with our Flowers for each other!!
(He looks good in his New Suit!)

Me pinning his on! I was so SCARED!!

Jared putting mine on me!!

Jared and Me.. before we left!


Little Bee said...

I am glad you had fun! I'm sure Jared had just as much fun. You looked beautiful. I can't believe my little sister is dating already. And yes you can come sleep over whenever you want.

T.J. and Jennifer Miner said...

So much fun! I must agree with the Bee, you look beautiful in the pics!